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Mirjam Tiel van Buul, an English-speaking and Dutch-speaking therapist in Warsaw, Poland.

Mirjam is an accredited Clinical Gestalt Psychotherapist and Counselor. In addition she is a registered nurse and hold degrees in clinical psychology, psychopathology and human development at University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

She is registered with the EAGT (European Association of Gestalt Therapy) and a member of ICE EFT (International Centre of Excellence in Emotional Focused Therapy).

Mirjam has been providing therapy and counseling for the English-speaking and Dutch-speaking within the international community for the last 10 years.
She also offers online therapy for individuals, relational and couples. Her expertise is working with different nationalities within the relationships.

She is experienced in working with people from all over the world, in respect to different nationalities and cultural differences. Mirjam has been involved with processes of change in order to improve someone’s well being, since she began helping people in public health organization 20 years ago. She credits her success to understanding the principles involved of change to improve satisfaction and her approach is holistic and emotional focused that truly helps in reconnecting oneself, with others and within couples.

When Mirjam moved to abroad 10 years ago, she realized there was a real need for English-speaking and Dutch-speaking therapy and counseling. Many places, as Warsaw in Poland, has a thriving international community because so many people move for work or love.

Also Mirjam shares experience of adjusting to new culture. Our communication goes much further than language only. Even if you don’t feel competent enough in English or Dutch you can still enjoy qualified services in therapy and counseling.


Mirjam made me look at her as a person who actually cares about the well state of another’s being, not as a person who is getting paid to listen to me, which led me to share more and do it more efficiently so as to pinpoint problems, and also take her advice more seriously and with more care. That was something that surprised me the most and actually helped me get through some of my anxieties about various issues by just exploring them, not with a therapist, but with a very patient and smart person. I do not have the knowledge or expertise to accurately dissect and analyze her methods but I can say that she seemed genuine in¬†character and behavior. Mirjam is an excellent therapist and I have taken her advices to heart and she will always have my gratitude.

There are people who touch our lives at certain points in our life’s journey. Mirjam is such a person. Me and my partner consulted her for both, couple as well as individual sessions. We very much appreciate Mirjam’s professional therapeutic as well as her empathic approach. With her warm, embracing personality she made us instantly feel home and we can highly recommend her.

Working with Mirjam van Buul has been a real blessing. She is intelligent, warm and always welcoming. She consistently challenges me, shows me new perspectives and respectfully provides her honest emotions and professional opinion. I feel the space we have created together allows me to be myself and feel completely supported.

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